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Dental Services

  • RDA, RDH, DA, DDS 
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Records Management 
  • Reception/Switchboard 
  • Medical Coding & Billing           
  • Claims Processing 
  • Transcription

Legal Support

  • Paralegals 
  • Legal Secretaries 
  • Litigation Support Clerks 
  • Receptionists 
  • Records Management 
  • Copy/File Room Support

Office Support

  • Receptionists/Switchboard
  • Administrative Assistants 
  • Executive Assistants 
  • Word Processors 
  • Data Entry 
  • Human Resources Assistants

General Labor

  • Light Industrial
  • Shipping/Receiving 
  • Assembly 
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Bindery 
  • Food Processing/Distribution 
  • Soldering 
  • Special Projects

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  • “Wendie, you are wonderful and you work for a wonderful organization! Lisa has literally saved my life. Her work output is literally almost double that of all my former assistants who worked double the hours. The quality of her work is impeccable. When she has questions, she asks (rather than making errors for fear of asking). She has really gotten her arms around the two big ongoing projects she is assigned to (billings and a client in Singapore) – she thinks about what she is doing so it makes sense, thus learning the ropes and avoiding future errors. I feel she is committed to my little practice, and really “owns” her work here. On top of all that, she is a lovely person and I am enjoying getting to know her better as a fellow mom and neighbor. It was a match made in heaven!”

    Lisa L. Nixon, Attorney At Law

  • “I want to thank you so much for assisting me in my job search! You were so quick to find me a job!” I gave your name to a few people because they were wondering how I started my position so quickly.”

    Lisa Ly, Employee

  • “Roseville RSG (Kathy, Wendie, & Teri) are always helpful. If you have questions they answer them for you right away. I am always greeted and given professional customer service. They ROCK!”

    Roniece Miller, Employee

  • “I want to thank Wendie Richards and the whole Resource Staffing Group for helping me find a job when it was very much needed in this recession. Because of Resource Staffing Group I got hired on to a great company. I could not have asked for anything better. I don’t know how many times I could thank them for finding me this amazing job that I have. You guys are amazing and thanks again.”

    Izzy Vergara, Temp-to-Hire

  • “I just wanted to thank you for continuing to send me such great employees! I started working with you 6 years ago and we’ve built up a trust and understanding that I rely on. I always know that you will send me quality people that will fit well with our company. From the first meeting with you, you took the time to get to know our company and what we were about and what we were looking for. The employees you have placed with me are great workers, reliable and honest. Hiring good people is a reflection on our company too, and I often receive compliments from our clients about the employees you place with us. Thank you for always being so helpful and patient in helping us to find qualified staff.”

    Julie Reynolds, Office Manager

  • “I began working with Resource Staffing in August of 2007. When I first went in, Wendie Richards helped me get started with the process and was extremely easy to talk to and so helpful. She set up an interview for me within a week of going into the Resource Staffing office and was there for me every step of the way through the interviewing and hiring process. She found a great fit for me and I was at that job for 2 years, until the downturn in the economy brought upon my lay off. Once being laid off, I knew I could count on Resource Staffing to help me out once again. I was so happy to walk in and see Wendie. Once again, she has helped me to find a temporary two week job so quickly even in a very competitive almost jobless market. Once that two week job came to an end, Wendie had already found and scheduled a new position for me to begin working at. I have been with my new job for over 6 months now, and I am eternally grateful to Wendie for helping me out. She is a great help, I don't know what I would do with out her!”

    Lesley Scofield, Employee

  • “Thank you for providing such great contacts for me. I have enjoyed working with Resource Staffing Group for about 2 ½ years. The staff is really great to work with. They are efficient and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!”

    Anna Guerrero, Temp-to-Hire

  • "Resource Staffing Group is truly different from every other staffing agency simply because they really seem to care about you and actually try to find you a job! I love the fact that they are so friendly and very personable. Not only has Resource Staffing Group found a job for me, but they also found employment for my wife and my sister and these jobs are well paying positions! This agency is great! I am currently working for the Department of Conservation as a permanent employee. I started here as a temp but eventually got in as a permanent employee and it all started with Resource Staffing Group's commitment in finding employment for me. Thank you Wendie and Theresa for all your help and I hope good things are in store for you both and for Resource Staffing Group in the future!"

    Jonathan Martis, Temp-to-Hire

  • "Resource Staffing Group is such a professional company with staff that gives you the sense that they really care about your success. Having been working through them continuously for a little over 2 years after the company I previously worked for closed their doors, I have been kept quite busy. In fact, I have been employed and working on assignments the entire time, and the present assignment I have been on for over a year. Wendie is absolutely wonderful and always available to answer any questions. I give Resource Staffing Group an A+++"

    Barbara Hawkins, Client

  • “From day one everyone has been helpful & very nice. My interactions with the office staff are always positive. When I forgot to send in my time card, your office gave me two polite reminders before I got it to you (very late) but you guys still paid me on time and I'm in a totally different part of California! I was impressed as none of the other agencies I've worked with have been as professional and courteous as you all are.”

    Deborah Marcus, Employee

  • My experience with Resource Staffing has been amazing…life changing. After working from home for the past 12 years, I had little faith that I was going to find a job. Resource Staffing had the faith that I lacked. They believed in me, and I was placed at the State within a month. After having a year of experience at the State of California, I decided that I wanted something more permanent. Once again, Resource Staffing placed me with another great company which is temp to hire. I would recommend anyone and everyone that is looking for a job to call Resource Staffing. It’s a great company to work for, and their staff is outstanding. Thank You Resource Staffing!!!

    Rebecca Nesmith

  • It is nice to know that Resource Staffing is there to help when staffing matters arise. I have utilized their service several times and consider the team at Resource Staffing to be an extension of my own practice. Their attention to detail is superb and they follow up to make sure everything is going well for their clients. If you need to hire a temporary or permanent staff, Resource Staffing is there to help. I highly recommend them.

    Richard Detrano, D.D.S.